Libangan - Ako Ay Filipino

Filipino boxer Harry Tañamor, around whom the country’s Olympic fortunes will rise or fall, begins his climb to Olympic glory today when he fights Cuban-trained African champion Manyo Plange of Ghana in the first round of the lightflyweight (48kg) category at the Workers’ Gymnasium here.

BEIJING, 13 AGO 2008 - Boxing president Manny Lopez said his ward, who lost in the round of 16 in the Athens Olympics of 2004, is taking “active rest” for his evening bout against Plange, trained under Cuban coach Roberto Ibanez Chaves.
He shrugged off speculations that Tañamor might be over the weight limit at weigh-in time two hours before the bout.
“Harry is just 400 grams over and he ate fruits mostly,” said boxing president Manny Lopez of his 30-year-old ward, one of three bets the country is pinning its hopes on for an Olympic medal.