President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. Calls for Patriotism and Unity in Defending Philippine Territory

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Wednesday urged Filipinos to showcase the country’s strength through patriotism and unity, emphasizing the duty to defend Philippine territory. Speaking at the culmination of the week-long celebration of the country’s 126th Independence Day, Marcos highlighted that this observance goes beyond commemorating the birth of the Philippine Republic—it is a reaffirmation of the commitment to uphold what the forefathers fought for.

“Our ancestors did not back down from war, so we will also not turn our back on our duty to defend our territory,” Marcos declared, invoking the bravery and resilience of the nation’s forebears. He emphasized that true power is not measured by strength or wealth, but by the integrity and purpose behind what Filipinos fight for, underscoring the importance of love for country and unity among the people.

“Let us show the whole world that true power is not measured by strength or wealth, but by the true meaning and integrity of what we are fighting for, in the flame of love for country, and in the immense unity of our people,” he said. “We will stand firm and we will not be shaken.”

Marcos also urged Filipinos to learn from the past and use its lessons to build a better and freer future. He encouraged the nation to be proud of its heritage and to see history as the key to genuine freedom and a future filled with hope, clarity, and prosperity.

This call to unity and patriotism comes amid rising tensions in the West Philippine Sea, exacerbated by China’s continued assertiveness in the region. Marcos’ statement underscores the administration’s resolve to stand firm in the face of external challenges.

‘Commitment to Defend PH Enduring’

Echoing the President’s sentiments, National Security Adviser Eduardo Año reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to protecting the nation’s sovereignty and security amidst contemporary complexities and uncertainties. He emphasized that defending the country’s sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea is a paramount priority.

“We stand firm in upholding the 2016 Arbitral Award and adhere to a rules-based international order to ensure our maritime entitlements are respected. The quest for peace and security remains at the forefront of our national agenda. We work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of every Filipino, countering both internal and external threats to uphold our nation’s sovereignty and freedoms,” Año stated.

This robust stance from the administration highlights a strategic approach to national security and territorial integrity, reinforcing the nation’s resolve to maintain its sovereign rights in the face of external pressures. The call to unity and the emphasis on historical lessons are intended to galvanize the Filipino people in a collective effort to protect and advance the nation’s interests.

As the Philippines commemorates its 126th Independence Day, the government’s messages of unity, resilience, and patriotism serve as a rallying cry for the nation to stand together in the face of challenges, both old and new, to secure a future that honors the sacrifices of the past while striving for progress and peace.

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