FAO World Food Day Mobilization

altMigrant group staged protest against hunger. Migrant workers from Umangat-Migrante, International Coordinating Council for Human Rights in the Philippines Rome Chapter (ICCHR Rome), and representatives from Bayan Rome, International Migrants Alliance (IMA) and Ibon International staged a protest picket in front of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Headquarters in Rome, Italy on October 16, 2011.

The day was designated by the FAO as World Food Day (the group dubbed it as “World Foodless Day”). The group conveyed the message that despite of decades of this world organization, nothing has changed and instead the global famine was worsened by land reforms that favoured only the rich land owner by literally giving them go signals to grab more land from small farmers and peasant, mindless conversions of farmlands, destruction of croplands caused by indiscriminate mining and logging, neglect of individual governments to develop the national agriculture in favour of globalization and global finance. During the manifestation, the group chanted the slogans NO TO HUNGER!!! FOOD, FOOD NOT WAR!!! ANG TAO, ANG BAYAN NGAYON AY LUMALABAN!!!

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