POLO-OWWA empowers OFW Families and Youth

POLO-OWWA in Rome launched its successful pilot Trainers' Training on Parenting, Youth Leadership, and Gender and Development last September 21st in Naples, Italy. The OWWA sponsored training with the theme of "The New Generation of Filipinos in Italy 'Dito at Ganito Kami Ngayon, Saan at Paano Kami Bukas?"  targeted for the empowerment of the young Filipinos in Italy while continuously enhance the Filipino Culture and Tradition.' OWWA Welfare Officer Ms. Loreta B. Vergara further said that the training is a relevant instrument to be provided to the youth to prepare them for a stronger tomorrow.  
The trainers' training was attended not only by the Filipino youth leaders in Naples but as well as some of the Fil-Com leaders too. The attendees' active dissemination of the information to their respective communities is critical for the continuity of this program. 

Researcher and speaker Ms. Rowena Sabugo-Ricafrente, a Psychology graduate, presented the training for the Effective Parenting. While issues on migration separation between OFWs and their children is still a raised issue, the talk is much catered to the Filipino families living together in a foreign country and how to bring them up amidst the diverse culture and environment they are living. For a trusting parent-child relationship, Ms. Rowena also explained how can one improve the perception of a strong parenting to their children such as setting themselves as a good example to them. With the importance of a person's core value and principle in their lives, the families' love and respect to each other should always be on top priority to fuel the parental relationship.

Speaker Mr. Alvin Umahon, ABS-CBN TFC Correspondent in Rome, led the discussion on Youth Leadership. Redefining the ideals of being a leader for Filipino youth overseas provides them a bigger perspective in engaging not only with their fellow youths but with the general populace as well. Immersing them in building leadership skills to participate actively by piqueing their interest for social change and public awareness, to connect with their respective community, and to promote their self-worth and capacity in contributing to their community. Mr. Umahon went on to the importance of good communication skills on being an effective leader and how can this affect the integrity of their lead. Discovering also how alliance can be profitable in sustaining the targeted goals by their shared visions and missions. 
Also present in the training was Philippine Embassy in Rome's Vice Consul Ms. Margaret Malang who gave a short talk about Gender and Development which includes Gender Identity development, the relevance of delineating gender norms, beating the societal expectations for both genders and the gender bias within our society.
'It is important for them to replicate this training.' said OWWA welfare Ms. Loreta Vergara. Together with the speakers, they want to promote the importance of core family values and principles are fundamental to the development of a person'well-being and their role to the society.
After the success in Naples, the training is expected to be presented in different key cities in Italy. (Jacke De Vega)
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