Portability of Pensions from Italy to the Philippines

altRome – It is not true that the Italian government does not allow portability of pensions to the Philippines.  INPS (International Conventions Section) ensures the payment of pensions to the Philippines of returning Filipinos and even Italians who choose to retire in the Philippines.  Payment of pensions is done through a bank that manages the service.  The bank that manages the services is the Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane, which makes the regular payment of pensions in the Philippines, including credits in bank accounts.

The Philippine bank swift code and bank acct no. of the pensioner should be notified to INPS if the Filipino wishes to receive his/her pension in the Philippines. According to Dott. Salvatore Ponticelli (Coordinator of International Conventions-INPS), if there are any problems along this line to notify him so that he can properly inform the misinformed patronati or INPS office.

The schedule of payments depends on the monthly pension:

–          if the rate of pension has an amount exceeding €60, payment is monthly;

–          if the amount is more than €5 but less than €60, payment is made every six months (January and July);

–          if the amount is less than €5, the pension payment is made only in January

For this reason, there is no need to sign an agreement that would allow Filipino workers to transfer their Italian pension to the Philippines, since as shown in the information above, INPS already does this. (by: POLO OWWA Rome)

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