Filipino Dishes during Lent season

Many Filipinos are Christians who abstain from eating meat during Lent, especially during Holy Week. They turn to fish and vegetable dishes, and the more devout Catholics go on a completely liquid diet or fast.

Here are some popular fish, egg and vegetable dishes among Filipinos:

Sour fish stews such as paksiw, pangat and sinigang.

escabeche: a sweet-and-sour fish dish






relyenong bangus: stuffed milkfish

sarsyadong tilapya (sarciadong tilapia): tilapia fried, then sauteed in garlic and onions with a sauce of fresh tomatoes and eggs

inihaw na isda: grilled fish; can be tilapia or milkfish

piniritong isda: fried fish; can be tilapia or milkfish

sardinas: sardines, eaten with plain boiled rice

tuyo: dried fish, eaten with plain boiled rice

guisadong ampalaya: bitter green gourd sauteed in garlic and onions

munggo: mung beans boiled or sauteed in garlic and onions
tortang talong
: eggplant omelet

pinakbet: a vegetable stew with eggplant and beans

lumpiang gulay: spring rolls with vegetables as the filling

lumpiang togue: spring rolls with bean sprouts as filling

adobong sitaw: string beans cooked with soy sauce, vinegar and a bay leaf

ginataan: stew of coconut milk (main ingredient could be vegetable or bilo-bilo)

itlog na maalat: salted whole eggs, eaten with tomatoes

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