NAIA, World’s Worst Airport in 2013

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 was once again voted the worst airport in the world by the travel website Sleeping In Airports, two years after it first gained the notorious distinction.

Rome, October 29, 2013 – Airport sleeping is no longer just for the cheap young backpacker. Nowadays, early morning flights, long layovers, flight cancellations, snow storms and erupting volcanoes are just a few reasons why you'll see people of all ages and incomes stretched out on airport floors around the world.
Whether you sleep in an airport overnight by choice or you just get stuck in the airport due to a layover, a travel community has been sharing their experiences and advice with fellow airport sleepers, helps make your travel experience more tolerable.
For 17 years, travellers at SleepingInAirports have been rating airports not only for their sleep comfort, but the services and amenities they offer during a layover.

When selecting an airport to declare as the "best", travellers were asked to consider the four C's: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service.
Comfort: Armrest-free seating and quiet/rest/relaxation zones. 
Conveniences: Free WiFi, 24-hour food, showers, pay-in lounges, and activities to do on a layover.
Cleanliness: Clean floors, bathrooms and food courts.
Customer Service: A smile and friendly attitudes go a long way.
While no airport is perfect, the airports on this list realize that travellers want more things to do during a layover and they have introduced services and amenities to improve our airport experience such as: free WiFi, movie theatres, tv lounges, mini-golf, bicycle rentals, gardens, aquariums, art exhibits, and showers. Airports may not have been built with sleeping in mind, but nowadays more of them are implementing rest zones and quiet areas to help us relax on journeys. 
Best Airport 2013 winners of SleepingInAirports
1. Singapore Changi
2. Seoul Incheon
3. Amsterdam
4. Hong Kong
5. Helsinki Vantaa
6. Munich
7. Zurich
8. Kuala Lumpur
9. Vancouver
10. Frankfurt am Main
The SleepingInAirports community has voted the following airports as the Worst Airports for Comfort, Amenities and Overall Experience.
When selecting an airport to declare as the "worst", travellers were asked to consider the four C's: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service. Some of these factors may include:
Comfort: crowded terminals or uncomfortable/limited seating.
 Conveniences: terminal closes at night, no 24-hour food options or nothing to do on a layover. 
Cleanliness: dirty floors, bathrooms or food courts.
 Customer Service: unfriendly staff or anti-airport sleeper policies.
Worst Airports 
(Total by Votes)
1. Manila NAIA (Terminal 1)
2. Bergamo
3. Calcutta
4. Islamabad
5. Paris Beauvais
6. Chennai
7. Frankfurt Hahn
8. Mumbai
9. Rome Fiumicino
10. Los Angeles
Worst Airports in Asia
1. Manila NAIA (Terminal 1)
2. Calcutta
3. Islamabad
4. Chennai
5. Mumbai
6. Jakarta
7. Kuala Lumpur LCCT
8. Hanoi
9. Denpassar
10. Bangalore
Worst Airports in Europe
1. Bergamo
2. Paris Beauvais
3. Frankfurt Hahn
4. Rome Fiumicino
5. London Luton
6. Kiev Boryspil
7. Moscow Sheremetyevo
8. Rome Ciampino
9. Berlin Tegel
10. Pisa


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