Simple beauty tips for Moms

altSince most moms spend their time with kids, household management and their profession,  Ako ay Pilipino would like to share a simple beauty tips for everyone especially for moms.

– Always smile and be positive

– Take enough Vitamin C for a youthful skin. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, it increases collagen in the skin which aids in skin elasticity and prevents wrinkle formation that fights against aging

– Use face powder when going out to protect your face from harmful UV rays and dust particles.

– Wash your face with warm water to deeply cleanse the pores then finish the facial wash with cold water to close/ minimize the pores. You can do this at least once or two times a week.

– For a natural look make-up, you may try to use green shades for eye shadow and neutral shade  for lips tic like Shell or Coral shades.

– Prefer to use a brown eyeliner because a darker eyeliner like will make you look more mature

– Applying a blush-on will make your face glow. When applying blush-on, it is suggested to keep your face smiling so the blush-on application will blend naturally with the cheeks.

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