The Matigsalug Cotton Weaving Project

altThe Matigsalug women share their revived weaving skills. Not so long ago, the craft was “re-discovered” when during the inventory of local plants, some cotton plants were surprisingly found in the community. Asked on how cotton was utilized in the community, the people said they weave it for cloth. And from oblivion, the forgotten cotton gained back its pride, along with the two remaining women weavers in the community, Iney and Maria, now awaken to transfer the technology to younger Matigsalug women by teaching them art of the tedious weaving process.
Two years ago, with the help from Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the master weavers taught some young Matigsalug women on the craft. However, due to still-not-so-attractive economic benefit from the craft these days, very few have devoted themselves to it. But with Iney and Maria around, we believe we can still do something.The cloth in the middle is made from the local cotton thread while the two samples on both sides were made from commercial cotton.

Now to access collaboration with other interested partners is open on making cotton weaving among the Matigsalug people of San Fernando, Bukidnon, a significant mark of indigenous craft from the People of Salug. (by:Mark Brazil)

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