“A Tutto Tondo” in Rome International Film Festival

Rome, Oct. 29, 2014 – After its international premier in the Philippines last July 2014 from MovieMov Italian Film Festival, the Italian documentary film 'A Tutto Tondo' is now in Rome, Italy.

On its ninth year, Rome International Film Festival gave its red carpet for the Italian premier through Alice Nella Citta together with other international full-length films from around the world.

A 15-minute documentary directed and written by Andrea Bosca. He started writing about this the night after his visit to the Smokey Mountains in Tondo, Manila. Seeing the dismal, miserable life of the children playing around the rubbish of one of the biggest slums in the world has been heart-wrenching for him that he made it a point to do something about what he witnessed. He turned his idea into a short film and devoted the proceeds to be donated to the poverty-stricken children of the Smokey Mountain.

With a cast from the director himself, Giorgio Colangeli, Paola Minaccioni and Salvatore Striano, the film will not be completed without the Filipino actors who shared their talents for this film. Rome-based Filipino director-actor Benjamin Vasquez Barcellano Jr. shares the lead role as Lele's (Andrea Bosca) butler. His group of local Filipino artists from Pyramid Entertainment Productions participated as well together with the winners from Batang Idol and Ginang Pilipinas Italia.

Before the screening, director Andrea Bosca gave a quick moment for my questions and how he feels about the film being included in the prestigious Rome International Film Festival.

 'Part of this short movie, fortunately, was shoot in Tondo, Manila which is the place that inspired a book which our producer has read. When we visited the Philippines, they took us to see all the beautiful places and then in Smokey Mountains which has inspired the book. Looking at the children, (I was) having these emotions going on. We felt like we could tell a story with images and the link is that book that led us there is also the root of the subject of the movie Trash. And now they are showing it here in Rome International Film Festival. Our short movie will also be shown before Trash, in front of 2,800 people.' Bosca narrated.

When asked what are the places he has been to in the Philippines, Bosca quips, 'we have been in Manila, mostly. All around Manila and inside the city – the historical part when Jose Rizal was killed, executed. It was very touching. Intramuros, yes. We were very touched by Intramuros. We were in Palawan. We were also in this place which has Peninsula in it, I can't remember now.'

Bosca has high hopes for this short film. 'I hope people will enjoy and can feel something about these the two cultures that come together. Also, through this we can help those children we saw there with some money we are trying to collect for a charity project that we have for this movie. I hope the Italians will feel the necessity of being together and try to help them like through the tickets they will buy from watching this short film.

After the second screening, I was able to get a short interview of local Filipino actor Jeff Jordan. He plays as the one who continously snaps photos just like a typical Pinoy does whenever there is a party. He works as a portiere and still can't believe he will be given a chance to act in an Italian movie. 

'Well, for us, first time to act in an Italian film, given this chance by the Italian actor Andrea Bosca. It is such an experience for us para makatulong sa kababayan natin sa Smokey Mountain.' Jeff said.

The title 'A Tutto Tondo' is not only associated by the subject Tondo but for Jeff 'It is a geometrical term. Lele (Andrea) interprets ung mga drawing ng mga tao. Ung sinasabi niyang 'A Tutto Tondo' sa Italian expression ang ibig sabihin ay marami hidden stories si Ben (Benjamin) na nadiscover ni Lele dun sa film.'

Excited about the success of this film, Jeff also told me that 'The film is going around in different festivals already and it is also suppose to be in Torino. The producer of MovieMov said that it will be going in different festivals like in Berlin. I believe this will raise awareness of the less fortunate na mga kababayan natin sa Pilipinas.'

Jacke de Vega

photo credits to Stefano Romano





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