Filipinos in Milan favor RH bill

MILAN, Italy – Not only in the Philippines that the Reproductive Health (RH) bill is controversial.  Filipinos in Milan also argue about it. 

Many favor the passage of the bill into law.

Of the more than a dozen OFWs who were asked about their opinions on the controversial bill that allows the use of contraceptives,  no one among them is against the bill.

The global economic crisis that continuously affects Italy is their primary reason to say yes to RH bill.

They explained that they can no longer keep sending money to family members and relatives because jobs and salaries have been cut.

OFWs said that two to three years ago, the average One Thousand Euro (1,000 Euro) monthly income used to suffice for monthly consumption and can even send a little amount t to relatives in the Philippines because of the higher exchange rate.

These days, OFWs are complaining of high prices of basic commodities and even services.  Ends hardly meet, they said.

They added that the amount is no longer enough for couples with two to three children and which means they can no longer help relatives back home.

“Pabor ako sa RH bill kasi sa panahon ngayon , krisis tayo dapat eh tayo ay dapat nating mag control. Hindi lamang sa Pilipinas pati dito, nakakaramdam tayo ng krisis kaya pabor ako dun”, Thalitz Maleon, an OFW from Como, Italy said.

She added that RH Bill may solve the problem of very old poverty problem of  the country.

“The lesser the children, couples can provide other needs of the children and may stand on their own and not wait for relatives’ help from abroad”, Maleon added.

Jay Flores, also an OFW based in Como, said that he favors the bill which may be the solution to end poverty problem.

“Ako’y pumapabor sapagkat baka ito’y magiging pang-matagalan nang solusyon sa ating kahirapan ng ating bayan dahil napapansin po natin malaki ang ating populasyon, marami naman ang walang makain, marami ang kahirapan, walang trabaho. “ Flores quipped.

Meanwhile according to Paul Buenconsejo, an OFW in Milan,  although it’s the husband and wife that decide how big is the family they want, it is very important to consider the needs of the children materially, emotionally and socially.

 “Alam mo naman tayong mga Pilipino, marunong tayong tumulong sa ibang tao. Tumutulong tayo sa atin, tumutulong tayo sa ibang pamilya, eh kung napakalaki ng pamilya mo, paano pa tayo makakatulong isa iba?”

Pro and anti RH bill use social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc to gather support from netizens.

Number of supporters are determined by likes the groups had gathered. The pro group is obviously far ahead in number.

Other Milan-based FB users vocally declare their supports in passing of the bill. (Zita Baron)


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