A total of 338 OFWs and Filipino migrants from Firenze and Pisa including nearby communities availed of POLO services during the POLO and Consular Outreach Services held last March 19-20 and April 17 respec- tively. This brings to a total of 577 OFWs who availed of POLO Out- reach services since January this year (Napoli-239; Firenze-247; Pisa-91).


Last year, 990 OFWs and Filipino migrants also availed of various POLO Outreach services namely OWWA, PAG IBIG, SSS member- ship and/or renewal of membership, availment of OEC issuance and nulla osta a’lavoro verification. The rest availed of other related services in- cluding employment counseling and queries related to employment.


The POLO outreach services held in Firenze and Pisa were held in cooperation with the leaders and members of the Confederazione Comunita Filippina di Toscana and the Filipino Community Organization in Pisa.


The Consular Team, meanwhile, was able to serve around 300 OFWs in Firenze alone, thru passporting ser- vices, issuance of SPA, NBI certificates and other related Consular services .


Breakdown of beneficiaries for POLO Outreach Services are as follows: Firenze-96 OWWA new/renewal of membership, 101 Pag ibig new mem- bership, 50 new SSS members while the rest pertained to queries on reacti- vating SSS, Pag-ibig membership, other employment-relate concerns; Pisa—40 OWWA new/renewal of membership, 39 Pag-ibig new membership, 12 SSS new membership while the rest availed of other services e.g. queries re employ-



The outreach services aim to bring government services closer to the OFWs, especially for communities which are located far from the Embassy of the Philippines in Rome. Consular Offices such as those located in Firenze and Reggio Calabria, in co- ordination with Filcom leaders and members also actively carry out these services. Activities like these also pro- vide opportunities for both the POLO and Consular Offices to interact closer with the OFWs, getting feedback and hearing out issues and concerns as well.


Filipino community organizations are urged to coordinate in advance with the Embassy for requests regarding similar Consular/POLO outreach services for proper scheduling and other adminis- trative, technical preparations.

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