Hawak Kamay Foundation: to help, inform and educate Ofws in Rome

On  April 25, 2010, a group of God-centered overseas Filipino workers in Rome with common desire of achieving a goal by promoting the necessity of unity, interaction and cooperation, bind themselves into a foundation, now known as the HAWAK KAMAY FOUNDATION.

Being aware of the situations and problems encountered by many ofws in Rome, the Hawak Kamay Foundation is centering into four concerns, “Helping”, “Informing”, “Educating” and additional “Earning”.

altThe Hawak Kamay Foundation adopted also the “Sagip Kabayan Project”, wherein the main task is to extend financial and material support to the poorest of the poor Filipinos in the Philippines, extend helping arm to our kababayan in times of needs and calamities.

After more than a year, Hawak Kamay Foundation, continues to grow. altThe Induction of Officer was held yesterday, Sunday Dec 4,  in Parrocchia di San Sebaatiano headed by Counsiliere Aggiunto Boss Ramos. The celebration was also joined by other Consiglieri Aggiunti like Romulo Salvador, Pia Gonzalez and Alex Malabrigo, together with other Community leaders like Francis Buangjug, Ariel Lachica, Jun Landicho and many more.

While playing Christmas carols continuously as sign of the fast approaching Holiday season, Bingo social and special raffle draws played also an important part of the occasion for the fund raising of the said foundation.

“The Hawak Kamay Foundation is from God for the Filipino people and it is here to stay”, Consigliere Aggiunto Boss Ramos said before the closing of the ceremony.


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