Likha Productions’ Mr. Beautiful show wowed audience

Milan , Italy –  Rumors, speculations, doubts and curiosity arose  when Likha Productions announced its first show, the search for Mr. Beautiful Italy in December last year.

altIt was not clear to the public what the show was all about although a lot speculated it was a gay pageant.  Likha insisted it was’nt a gay pageant but an artistic show enhancing talents and creativity of the people involved. Likha’s claim was confirmed during the event itself.

The Pageant
When the theatre lights were switched off, the amazement started. Curious audience waited until the electrifying sound burst and a white improvised theatre-curtain opened.

The excitement began. The male production number signaled the start of more than three-hour total entertaining show.
As the eleven candidates performed the tribal-dance production number, the audience started screaming with admiration, and inquisitively waited for the next appearance.

A more than 30-minute gap before the Beautifuls showed up again was filled with performances of equally-talented Pinoys including the Battle Crew , Girl Freaks,  R&B Dancers and Bodymoverz.   Singers  Kimberly Piol,  Marian Leah Par, Leslie Flores,  Rajin de Guzman, Roby Alvarez, Romar Oba and instrumentalist Edimar Laza  proudly entertained the audience too.

The second time the candidates appeared, they were unrecognizable due to the complete physical  transformation from man to a woman done by the skilled Pinoy make-up artists in Milan.  Most of them were already in the industry for quite sometime.

It was not only the candidates’ performances that made the audience admire.

Likha wowed the audience  for the plausible flow of the show which was carefully attended by two main choreographers;  Marck Patrick Suarez and Gerald Basilio.

Likha believed it has achieved its goal which is to keep the audience first impression last until the end of the show. Definitely did.
It made the audience sojourned on their seats, entertained and cheerfully rooting for their bets, as the candidates ramped with poise, elegance, and confidence.

Positive feedbacks poured in to the organizers’ attention and were sweetly acknowledged.  Fabio Mogiani of TIM said  that it was the first  time he attended and witnessed a very well-organized show of Filipino.

The Winners
altThe show’s success was the Filipino’s success. Grateful for the cooperation and support of the people who trusted them, Likha offered their first victory to the Lord and to the sponsors who helped them realized the show. Ms. Cecille Escanilla of Patronato Informafamiglia,  Albert Uy of Western Union, Mr. Tariq Zaiyed of GruppoShaheen Travel and Mr & Mrs. Emmanuel and Aileen Guaza of E&A Parrucchiere-Estetica were among the big sponsors.  

The Filipino communities  who participated and corroborated  to Likha’s goal to unite Filipinos in an entertaining way while enhancing talents and skills were also greatly acknowledged. Among  them;  the  Batangas Alumni Association of Milan, Bantay Bayan, Saimsim Group and Buklod ng Pagkakaisa Association, Tau Gamma Phi- Triskelion Milan, Cebuanos and Friends of Milan,  United Ilonngos in Italy,  San Mateo, Isabelan Group,  Bicol Saro Association, The Filipino Community of San Donato and San Fernando, Pampanga group.

Likha of course recognized  the candidates’ tenacity to the several Sundays practice.  Their cooperation, patience and  professionalism were greatly admired.   Salute went to Zacchariah Jose Chavez,  Eliz Viernes, Lawdemer Hernandez, Carlo Allanigue,  John Lacbayo, Macky Salcedo,  Edward Nicolas, Raymond Allan Bunag, Bryan Luntayao,  Mark Sancebuche and Jingle Aliganga.

Also among others who worth the salute were friends, supporters who in their own special way  contributed a lot to the success of the event.
Lawdemer Hernandez, the  BVAA ‘s  bet  was adjudged the Mr. Beautiful  2011. He also bagged the Best in Talent Award.  Hernandez who gracefully danced as his talent took 1, 200 euros in cash.

First runner up was the skinny Zacchariah Jose Chavez.  He was the Bantay-Bayan, Saimsim Group at Buklod ng Pagkakaisa Association bet  for the contest.  Chavez was also adjudged Best in Gown and Best in Nighties.

Chavez won a round-trip airfare  Milan-Manila-Milan  plus 200 euros cash, 100 euro for each award.  
While Second Runner up was Eliz Viernes of San Mateo, Isabela.  He also bagged the  Best in Winter Casual  Wear. He took home 400 euros in cash prizes.

Special awards were also given.  Jingle Aliganga was named Mr. Congeniality,  Mark Sancebuche was the Most Popular, and  Raymond Allan Bunag was the Mr. Photogenic.  Each award was equivalent to 100 euro.

Likha Productions is composed of yours truly, Zonia Mitra Wagan, Ruel de Lunas, Sheila Asis, Jordz Arkay Maloles, Mark Patrick Suarez, Gerald Basilio, and Patz Racelis. (by: Zita Baron)

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