MoneyGram supports education in Batangas

Gawad Kalinga to receive 4,000 euros, through OFSPES, a non-profit Association in Italy for modernizing a teaching centre.

altMANILA – MoneyGram, a leading global money transfer company, announced it has donated Euro 4,000 funding for supporting a teaching centre in Lipa City (Batangas, Philippines).

‘Bayang Magiliw’, is a charitable operation that aims to contribute to the increase of basic education in the Philippines.  It funds the modernization of a study center for the Filipino children of the Gawad Kalinga Village in Barrio Modesto in the City of Lipa. The funds granted by MoneyGram will be used for the purchase of furniture, computers and textbooks for the study center.

The Filipino community in Italy counts over 124 000 people of which about 22 percent are in the Rome province. Via the initiative, each MoneyGram money transfer transaction made from the province of Rome from 21 April to 30 June from post offices in Italy and other locations, MoneyGram donated one euro to the project Bayang Magiliwfora maximum amount of 4,000 euro, regardless of the number of transactions made to the Philippines until 30 June.

A non-profit Filipino organization is assisting MoneyGram in raising funds for the Bayang Magiliw charity project. The organization is Pilipinas OFSPES (Overseas Filipinos Society for the Promotion of Economic Security), that assists Overseas Filipino Workers in their economic integration in countries of immigration and reintegration in the Philippines. The beneficiary is Gawad Kalinga – one of the largest charity organizations in the country – which focuses on building communities to end poverty.  The learning center that GK has built will be refurbished through MoneyGram’s Bayang Magiliw charity project. In addition, Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc., one of the main agents of MoneyGram in the Philippines, provides the modernized center with additional scholastic items.

Alex Lim, Country altManager in the Philippines, said, “MoneyGram is eager to help supporting the education of the Filipinochildren. With this great initiative from our Rome office, we’re expanding our effort with Gawad Kalinga and Pilipinas OFSPES to help the children with better education facilities.”

“We’re grateful for the support for the teaching centre in Lipa City. We will make use of the fund to provide good facilities for the children,” said Cha-Cha del Rosario, Partnership Group of Gawad Kalinga. 

Pilipinas OFSPES represented by its current president, Maris Gavino, witnessed the turnover of the Euro 4,000 cheque from MoneyGram, Italy to Gawad Kalinga to benefit more than 300 poor children.


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