Mr. Beautiful rocks Milan

altMILAN, Italy –  Mr. Beautiful  2011 is up to be shown on Sunday, December 4, 2011 but weeks before its scheduled show, it’s  been rocking  the fashion city.

Several thousand flyers has been scattered and some posters have been posted in places where Filipinos regularly flock.

The show is controversial and has been talk-of-the-ofws since the release of its first publicity material in widely-used facebook some months ago.

The Show

Almost everyone speculated that Mr. Beautiful is a gay pageant. No one assumed it’s a real man’s challenge.

altThe show explains the basic polarity which is part of a man and  a woman, a boy and a girl. Everyone has both the feminine and masculine side. The masculine side explains one’s strength while the feminine side is one’s goodness.

This is a unique event that will showcase various talents, ingenuity and grace of 11 straight male candidates in female impersonation.

The candidates represent the Filipino community they belong like the Filipino Community of San Donato, Cebuanos and Friends, United Ilonggos in Italy, Bicol Saro, Triskelion-Milan, Batangas Varsitarian Alumni-Milan, Isabelan and Friends, Lemery Softball Association, Bantay Bayan and Buklod ng Pagkakaisa group, and Nueva Ecijan group.

The show also gives chance to several make-up artists and hair dressers to bring the best in them by making their bet candidate looks like a real woman.

Winners will receive corresponding cash prize, trophy and others.

The Organizer

Likha Productions, is the organizer of the very first  Mr. Beautiful pageant in Italy. Likha is anewly-formed group that works towards a single, common objective that is, to unite Filipinos and different communities in Italy particularly in Milan. 

It is composed of talented and skilled individuals in the field of journalism, public relations, photography, choreography, digital design, social networking and others.

altThe member’s enthusiasm to beget new, smart and unique concepts in every socio-cultural, sports, religious and even private parties brought the realization of Likha Productions.

It aims to bring alternatives and improvement to the usual programs with the main purpose of honing the talents and skills of Filipinos thereby boosting the Filipino pride in Italy.

It is also Likha’s ultimate goal to integrate Filipinos into other races by holding a multi-cultural project that will showcase food, tradition and culture of different nationalities.

Likha encourages participation of different Filipino communities to its projects and events as it aims to strengthen camaraderie, friendship, sportsmanship and cooperation towards unity.

And as Mr.Beautiful show draws nearer, the few people behind the talked-about event focus  themselves in props-making which is regularly being done in the evening of weekdays. Weekends are dedicated to rehearsals, bonding with candidates and supporters as well.

Likha’s core is composed of only four people while some other equally-talented choreographers or dance instructors were added to Likha family.

With the waves it has sketched, Mr. Beautiful is expected to be a success. (Zita Baron)


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