Milan, February 19, 2015 – Following the successful seminar conducted by the Italian Social Security National Institute (INPS) for the Filipino community in November 2014, a follow-up seminar was held on 5 February 2015 at the INPS Training Center.

Consul General Marichu Mauro expressed her thanks to INPS for favorably accommodating the Consulate’s request in conducting seminars for the community.


In his welcome remarks, INPS Director for Lombardy Mr. Antonio Pone, conveyed INPS’ commitment in providing assistance to Filipino workers who represent an important human resource for the Italian society by giving them the necessary information regarding their benefits and privileges.

The INPS team explained in detail the different types of pension that can be availed of by Filipino workers in Italy, highlighting that Filipinos have the right to the same benefits as the Italian workers.

Pensioners residing abroad can request to receiver their pension in their country of residence, in another foreign country, or in Italy. INPS has partnered an international bank to transfer the pension to the pensioner’s account abroad.

In case of the death of an INPS member, his/her dependents may claim a survivor’s pension even if they reside in the Philippines.

Another important benefit shared by INPS is the repatriation fund that can be given to workers who wish to return to their home country but lack the economic means. INPS has an agreement with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the purchase of travel documents for repatriating workers.

All applications for claim may also be requested online, which makes it very convenient given that members can file their applications wherever they are.

The activity once again reaffirmed the strong support of the INPS to the Consulate and the community. The seminar series is deemed to be very helpful and informative in helping Filipino migrant workers understand their benefits and to encourage them to take advantage of them. (PCG-Milan)

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