Clicking and searching, too my surprise I found a FB profile page of The Pinoy Photographers Club in Rome (PPCR)

It was too interesting; after so many years here in Italy, a club of photographers is finally founded to help our kababayans learn more about their hobby especially our young ones.

The Club is OPEN FOR ALL FILIPINO aspiring enthusiast, budding amateur and humble professional photographers, who are living here in Italy. Membership is absolutely FREE!

This is the avenue where you can:
The Club’s objectives are:
1. To help those who are starting to explore the exciting world of photography by organizing learning means like photography workshops and photo shoots; so that members can learn the basics, as well as, the advance techniques of photography shared by fellow members or by invited professional photographers.
2. To promote a friendly, non-competitive environment where amateurs can grow and humble professionals to learn more.
3. To develop each member’s talent, encourage creativity and fuel their passion for photography.
4. To provide a venue to ‘breathe’ and ‘break free’ from the usual routine schedules of work through photography

So JOIN NOW & INVITE your friends to BE ONE OF THEM! Be part of their PHOTO walk and learn having fun with them!



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