MILAN, Italy – It was the last leg of the Champions of the Heart concert tour in Europe and was a swooping success in Milan last Sunday, March 6, 2011.

The Centro Culturale Filipino in Via Toffeti, 75, may not be the best concert venue compared to previous ones but was jam-packed by Milan-based Pinoys and others from Biella, Como, Torino, etc.

Concert promoter and producer Direck Renrick Andrin of RN Entertainment was surprised of the presence of the approximately two-thousand  busy and workaholics  Pinoys in Milan.

The gate was scheduled to open at two o’clock in the afternoon but as early as ten o’clock in the morning, people started to arrive to line up for best seats.

Pinoy  shining stars in Italy like Zendryl Lagrana, Abegail Dorado, the singing hair stylist “Sheboom”  and some young talents, entertained the audience as they waited for Christian Bautista, Erik Santos and Pooh to perform.

Overwhelmed of the warm acceptance, the show lasted for more than three hours as Christian and Erik serenaded the audience of their  timeless pieces and Pooh provided laughters and fun for everyone.

Christian’s minor scratch on the neck by an excited fan did not stop him from approaching  the audience as he sings  and so as Erik. The two young balladeer captivated the hearts of the young audience.

Pooh’s  ability is not limited to make people laugh. He also has the power to make them  emotional. 

When Pooh joked for asking  offerings for  travel tax expenses, few immediately gave money.

Pinoys  generosity  and  helpfulness was  once again  proven when the comedian said that the money  will be given to an association.  The few became many.

After  the hit of the concert, the RN Entertainment now plans to bring in some more kapamilya talents.   Andrin said that  they are now preparing for a surprise bigger project not only for the Filipinos in Milan but in Europe in the  next few months. (Zita Baron)

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