Studying abroad is now an ambition for the youth and Europe seems to be too ambitious for them.

If you graduated with honors in a prestigious university in the Philippines and had a great job would you still want to leave the country?

Well, Abby asked herself that question….. She was an Executive Assistant of a former Senator and working at the Senate, with her beauty, charming smile, sense of humor and intelligence not to mention having a height of a beauty queen… This is her story about studying in Europe.

Abegail “Abby” C. Reyes 25, was a Cum laude graduate of University of Santo Tomas with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism, she really excel during her college days, after graduation she had a job offer from an airline to work as a flight attendant but decided to pursue law school at the same University. She was a scholar in law school but then she felt like it was not for her. She filed a Leave of Absence and decided to fly to Europe…and that’s the start for her “when in Rome”…

So what is she doing in Rome? Of course, like everybodys know, the answer will be the famous EAT, PRAY, LOVE, but no…she STUDIES and EXPLORES. She enrolled in a public university to learn languages, yes! Languages, since she had a background of Spanish, French and Italian, and to add Japanese, she decided to study them further. She said that studying them was such a fulfillment for her. When she was little she imagined herself being a reporter who can speak a lot of languages.

This smart girl maximizes her time going around libraries, museums and churches. She had a chance to get an access card free for the national library of Rome. Ooops but that’s not it, what  was really envious about was she took a Master unit of study in the famous University of Rome, La Sapienza which was equivalent to University of the Philippines, but then she clarifies that the course was a collaboration of UNICEF Rome program, she was the only Filipina in that class. Not to say she was given a chance to attend several seminars of the United Nations -Food and Agriculture Organization which the Headquarters is located in Rome. Actually she passed the Temporary Assistance Program Exam of that UN body and as well as the United Nation World Food Programme Volunteer program in its headquarters in Rome. See! From a simple girl who walks away from the pressure of law school life she managed to make it to the UN!

She went back to the Philippines last year May 2012, as she really missed her family and luckily after 1 day rest from her flight she was hired by the longest serving senator, Senator Edgardo J. Angara as her Executive Assistant, her project includes the 5th Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) which was attended by 700 local and foreign parliamentarians, it was held in the Philippines and considered as the biggest conference of GOPAC so far.

Abby has been granted by the University of Bologna, one of the oldest University in Europe, a full scholarship at the School of Economics for Master’s in Tourism, Economics and Management. Not to mention she ranked number 3 for the scholarship and ranked number 2, over all in the assessment. She was scheduled to fly back in Rome for the opening of classes. Wow! Hoping she will make it now to United Nation World Tourism Organization where she will be given a chance to take her internship.

Some people are blessed with really big opportunities. In her case, it’s a matter of risk and chances, from quitting law school to United Nations to Senate of the Philippines then to hopefully United Nations again. This is a real story of chance, ambition and luck. So to those dreaming to study in Europe or wherever it is, it’s not impossible, just believe and take your chances. E’ la vita !

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