For Pinoys abroad having a healthy state of well-being free from disease is primarily important. The general condition of our body and mind. It is usual to everbody that a change in enviroment changes lifestyle . You have to adapt all changes from their culture or way of life, climate , food etc.

Goodalt health is the only resource you have to keep going. Realizing that you have family awaiting it is so important to maintain good health. A healthy body is a healthy mind. There are four factors for a having a healthy mind and body.

  1. Healthy Diet. Having a balance diet is essential. You will become too choosy when it comes to food specially if it don’t look appealing when it comes to your taste. It is important to read labels, have a healthy diet by taking foods rich in proteins. Vegetables and fruits should be taken. Avoid taking oily foods and drink water as often as needed.
  2. Enough Excercise. To have a stress free life, do some exercise to improve blood circulation. For physical excersie you can do lifting weights, walk, jogging, aerobic excersies and a lot more. For mental activity you can do meditation and relaxation that leads to a cool mind. By working out on a regular basis, your body becomes more capable at burning calories. This gives you more energy . It could also increased metabolism and boost your immune system. When following an exercise regimen , greater self esteem can be develop.
  1. Enough Sleep. Sleeping is about keeping your mind relax, your muscles grow this time. All of us are required to get enough sleep of at least 7 hours every night. Aside from relaxing your mind you need to choose the right sleeping environment for a sound sleep. If you’re in a new environment it is really hard for you to sleep all you have to do is condition your mind.
  2. Avoid Too Much Worries. Avoid becoming too worried of your family left. Be optimistic at all times, negative thinking leads to poor planning. Never be discourage easily, be brave enough and give your best always specially in your work.

These four factors should be taken into account to have a balance and healthy mind and body.


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