Scala Santa Filipino Community, 8 years of Celebrating God’s amazing Love!

Rome, September 9, 2012– It has been 8 years since the Filipinos in Rome started the Misang Pilipino in the Sanctuary of Scala Santa. 8 Blessed years of togetherness as one family, although coming from different part of the Philippines, they are united as one community of human beings. Sharing and celebrating God’s amazing love through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and keeping up the Filipino spirit with deep faith in God.

Yes, these people fortunately found Home with the Love and care of the Passionists Fathers.Misang Pilipino is celebrated every second Sunday of the month at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They also animates at Italian Mass every Sunday at 11:30 in the morning.

The feast started with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Romy Velos, CS, the Chaplain of Sentro Pilipino in Rome and concelebrated by Msgr. Mhar Castillo, PC, EV., Fr. Jonald Banatao, OFM.,  Fr. Paul Ocfemia and the Rector of Scala Santa, Fr. Francesco Guerra, CP.

The Philippine Embassy to Rome Consul Jarie Osias together with his family and Ms. Flor Casiano of the Holy See also delighted the celebration by their presence.

Different religious organizations, other Filipino communities and business establishments were there that added the bliss of the moment.The Sanctuary was filled with so much joy as people comes and shared the blessings in their lives.

Truly, God created us for community with Himself and with others. Which means someone is there to hold us and to contain us in our times of hurt and happiness. To be able to share the things we have in common and learn from the unique experiences of each other. To need or lend a hand when one feels like they can’t do it alone. To find Hope in hopeless situation by finding someone who can listen, understand and encourage. By making ourselves available and to reach out to others because you’ve got more to offer than you realize. Sometimes, it is the small thing that makes the biggest difference.

The Scala Santa Filipino Community thanked all of you who shared the Best in you in Jesus’ name! May 8 years be 800, 8000 and forever as we come here to gather in glorifying, praising, serving and loving our Heavenly Father with one mind, heart and spirit. Let us step out in faith and do what pleases God, to move according to His will with humility and open our hearts to people that He planted in our lives! (By:  Lorna R. Tolentino-SSFC – With the permission of:  Rev. Fr. Francesco Guerra, CP (Rector of Scala Santa/SD)





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